Are you creepin' ?

That's ok!

What is a creeper? Someone who goes to other peoples blogs, facebooks, twitter, etc., and reads thier posts without being a follower

What is a follower? Someone who has become a "friend" of what they are reading.

This post is all about how to FOLLOW someone's blog and become a FOLLOWER of the blog. It's pretty simple and it really makes the person who's blog you follow feel really cool when they have 100's of followers!

So... to become a follower all you have to do is follow this easy tutorial:

1. Click off to the right of this post on the word "FOLLOW" ----->

2. You will then see a page pop up with something like this on it:

Sign in using an account you've already created
Click an icon to sign in with that account
3. You must have one of these accounts in order to follow a blog. If you have gmail- click google. If you have a yahoo account click yahoo. If you don't have any of them you can click on
Don't have any of these? Create a new Google Account
4. Then you will sign into the account you already have. (My example is with gmail)
Sign in with your
ex: pat@example.com
The username or password you entered is incorrect. [?]
Can't access your account?
5. You will then get to chose
if you want to follow publicly or
privately. Don't chose private-
it's just like creepin', the whole
point of this is so we can see
who is following us :)
Chose Public

Lindsay Baker
Lindsay Baker

Follow this blog
More options
Lindsay Baker
This site will be added to your Friend Connect profile on all the sites you've joined. You can also see updates on your Blogger Dashboard.
Keep your subscription private, but stay updated with this blog's posts on your Blogger Dashboard.
6. Then click "FOLLOW THIS BLOG"
7. You get a congratuations screen and your DONE!
Lindsay Baker
Congratulations, Lindsay Baker
You are now following The 311

Now wasn't that easy? Mom Verwys I want you to try this tutorial and see if you can follow your children's blogs :)
Everyone else- try it too and kick the "creepin'" habits goodbye.

Please leave your success or questions in the comments below or if you are super unsuccessful email me :)


  1. I send her updates because I know she couldn't be a follower - it is hard for my mom to figure it out too. She would ahve a hard time at the "make an account" page. Love hearing about the lunch on Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Love, love, love that you took the time to do this. Now, I just need u to show me how to link to your page so other's can get to it from mine. BTW, wish you were here :)

  3. linds,

    I think I will have to remain a creeper for the time-being. Mainly because I have posted everything short of our SS#'s on our blog...

    If I did become a follower, it would be a private one anyway, which is still technically a creeper, is it not?

    and I already have you in my netvibes reader so why become a private follower?

    xoxo, your creepy cousin