The many WORKS of the 311

Yard WORK:

A few weeks ago our Landlord came into town and we all worked out in the yard doing a little clean up.

Before photo:

012 (2)

After photo:


As a thank you for the yard work we helped with, they purchased us deck chairs and a little table.  A perfect combination to watch the sunset.


Here is a photo from our living room to the great outdoors. I got the photo idea from Andrea.


Andrea also asked for a close up on the plaque on the outside of the door:



Cooking WORK:

This week I made a dinner list and went shopping and we’ve done ok (Monday& Tuesday went well) Then along came Wednesday. Tonight was Marvin’s night to cook. He truly  did an excellent job he just had a rotten recipe and some new equipment to work with. I got a pressure cooker for my birthday from my in-laws and tonight was its debut.

Marvin got to chose the recipe: Broccoli Veggie Cheese soup

We don’t know what went wrong! But the soup tasted like it had been cooked over a campfire- it had a burning flavor to it. When we went to clean the pressure cooker, there was at least an inch of sludge soup blacked to the bottom. It had defiantly been fired! Needless to say, dinner was ruined and we turned to a failsafe- McDonald’s.

I’m not giving up on this pressure cooker though- I hear it works magic. I just have to figure it out still.


When we got back from McD’s we had to begin the clean up. We pored all of the soup down the disposal. I ran the disposal ‘til it sounded clear- ran with cold water too! Something made me look under the sink, I’m not sure why but I’m glad I did. The 6+ cups of char cooked broccoli cheese soup was smattered from wall to ceiling in the cupboard below. Our garbage disposal blew up under the sink. There was liquid and cheese and broccoli all OVER! And it reeked to high heaven.

Fran WORK:


An update on how Fran's potty training is going. Yesterday she missed the toilet and IT landed on the floor. Marvin took another of the rings out  and this really freaked Fran out. She hadn’t gone to the bathroom since yesterday (approx 24 hours).  She is a little afraid of the toilet water and with the 2nd ring out of the trainer you can see straight to the water. So today she didn’t even try the toilet and finally after being completely bloated she gracefully relieved herself right next to the toilet…. Marvin get’s to do that clean up!


  1. Uugh. I hate kitchen messes. What a nightmare. So sorry your dinner was ruined. It sounded so yummy.

  2. FRAN! She probably felt horrible but just wasnt having the water! baby/kitty steps my friends.

  3. way to be adventurous in the kitchen, don’t give up...maybe you will venture over to tc and try grilled pizza! just a thought! :)

  4. ok, the after picture of the house is glowing. really, magical. kind of like make-over before & afters.

    love the sunset pic!

    wow. I've never used a pressure cooker in my life, so I can't begin to imagine what happened there. SO glad you looked under the sink. Can you imagine if a day or so had gone by? yikes...

    oh the cat potty-training... maybe get her a sticker chart or something.

  5. Kitty - Training: Try M and Ms...
    Do you get to keep the furniture when you move? Is it for you or for the house? Make sure that is clear!! Haha.

  6. I can't believe you are potty training Fran! You are way more ambitious than we are. Hope it works! I used to want to be able to walk our cats on a leash.

    And the view from your door looks amazing! Can't wait til we can find the time to come up!

    Keep experimenting in the kitchen!!!

  7. Fran has litterly (no pun intended) taken over bathroom #2. or is it Bathroom #1? Yes it is #1.