Road to trip- Spring Break 2011

My sister Ari and I are road-tripping to Fort Benning, Georgia to see our cousin and family.

Day 1

Left Burton, MI at 10am.
2 wrong turns before we even left Michigan :/
1 food stop- McD's please! Can you believe they charge $1.80 for soda in Ohio! It's $1 drinks in MI. I knew Ohioans were crazy!
5 hours of driving for Ari
7 hours of driving for Lindsay
1.5 hours of talking on the phone to the Bakers to find a hotel :} YIKES!
Hotel stop for the night in Dalton, GA (3.5 hours from destination) Best Western $59.99- I think we will be safe here, if not you know where to find us!
A short game of Monopoly Deal and then bed. 8am departure time set!


  1. Haven't checked with Katie, but I am sure yall can stay at our place in Knoxville if you need someplace to lay your head on the way back to MI.