Day 3

Sunday, Sunday, ....

Church at 930, or 10, they aren't sure when it starts. But, we were on time :)
It is a MEGA church, approx 5,000+ people. Worship was amazing a real production!
After church it was Nascar racing time and nap time. I fell asleep around lap 199 and woke with about 199 left to go. Wilson really gets into racing- he truly watches every lap. Junior is his favorite racer!
We went for a walk and the boys road bikes.
In the evening we ordered pizza and watched the CMAs.
I really feel like I'm in the deep south.

This is what they boys liked most about us being here
Walker says: "Playing monopoly deal"
Wilson says: : "Playing monopoly deal"

(pictures to come on Tuesday/ Wednesday) I left my camera cord in MICH.