April 20th

What does it mean to  you?

  • It is the 110th day of the year
  • Detroit Tiger’s Baseball 1st opening day in 1912 @ Tiger Stadium
  • Adolf Hitler’s Birthday ~1889
  • Bay of Pigs Invasion in Cuba~ 1961
  • Columbine High School Shooting~ 1999

Needless to say some pretty horrific events occurred on this day. Some we dare not celebrate. However this day is very special for Marvin and Lindsay ~ It’s our anniversary! 4 years!

Here we are in 2007:


Oh man in 10 years we will look back and say… “why was jumping, so cool?” Maybe it won’t take 10 years…

In 2008: We were living at Pineridge Apartments in Walker, MI. Marvin was working at Behr Industries and Lindsay was working at Loft Apartments.

m&lpyramid pointe

We got Fran that year too!


In 2009: We were living at 656 Lamoreaux Dr. We loved that apartment. Marvin still at Behr, and Lindsay working at Grattan Academy.


We didn’t renew our vows… I just re-wore  my wedding dress to a masquerade party at church.

In 2010: We were living at Calle Transversal #8 in the Dominican Republic. Both working at American School of Santo Domingo


In 2011: We are living in Boyne City, MI. Marvin working at Boyne Mountain- Sales/Waterpark and Lindsay working at Concord Academy.

For our anniversary today, Lindsay had a snow day…WHAT? Yes a snow day on April 20th. 4 years ago it was in the high 70s and we were exchanging our vows at 7:30 in the evening. And now just 4 years later it is below freezing! I think I’ll email this to the global warming advocates.019

We went to Gaylord for dinner and shopping. We have a tradition on our anniversary to buy new pillows. This is to avoid being 57 years old, married for almost 28 years, and having the same pillows during our whole marriage…not that I’m relating this to anyone in particular. After shopping at TJMaxx we went to dinner at La Senorita. It was a fun evening of just hanging out.

Here’s to many more years together!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS! I love that God has taken you so many places together. Here's to many more =)

  2. Okay, I am upset that I missed your anniversary. Earlier before I read this post, I told dad I thought we missed your anniversary. Dad says no I think it was April 7. NO, I think it was yesterday.....I am now upset that when we were on the phone you didn't tell me! So then I read the "Pillow thing" and I am not 57! (yet). And, I have bought new pillows, You were just complaining about Gma's pillows, You may have a pillow syndrome of some sort. I have a strange urge to go buy new pillows now.......................................
    See you soon.

  3. April 20 means another year older for me, this year it was truly 39 for me, yicks! You and Marvin were married on my birthday and Nate and Andrea were married on Sept. 1 if I recall correctly. That's Heather's birthday.
    Anyways, Happy Anniversary! May you enjoy many more years together. By the way, I love the new pillow idea.
    Love to read your blog!
    Sara M

  4. awe! What a fun anniversary post! Sounds like you had a great day celebrating and I love that you have your very own, very unique, anniversary tradition. ha!

    The snow... wow. just wow.

    May each anniversary be sweeter than the one before. Love you both!

  5. What a fantastic read for me this morning. Congratulations on a blissful 4 years.
    We miss you greatly. When will you be down next? We would love to come up, but will have to wait for soccer to end in a few weeks.
    Hello to Fran.

  6. pillows fabulous idea! love it.