Couponing 101

When I was little I remember my mom couponing. When I was home last I asked if she still used her old coupon box.


Lindsay:OK, then can I have it?

Mom: Sure

Here is what it looked like BEFORE

018 I guess she hasn’t used it in a while…these coupons below are OLD, they are so OLD that they have NO EXPIRATION date as their exp. date- they don’t make them like that any more


I also found this car wash coupon that expired in 2004!


My mom is GREAT at a lot of things, however couponing may have skipped a generation… Love you mom! I did enjoy looking through the old dividers and finding my handwriting from when I was little, I guess I must have helped her!

When I got home I began the re organization process of my coupons. I equate this feeling to a 5 year old being told they get to go to Chuck E Cheese’s.  I was elated! Smile


I sorted out expired from non-expired. I have found that Meijer is really great at taking expired coupons! I then set up a system I can use on a weekly basis to organize my coupons quickly! Fran likes this part too, she kept lying down on the job! 007

Then I inserted them into the coupon box – holding expired coupons and the flower photo album- holding the current coupons.


Today I hit up Meijer basically stealing cleaning supplies. I got these 28 products for $19.xx out of pocket!


Retail price would be: $83.21


  1. ok seriously, you can just teach me a lesson about couponing for cleaning supplies and toiletries. that would be super!

    I CANNOT believe how many coupons you have. Seriously.

    Do ever print coupons?

  2. Love it. You should buy diapers for me and mail them to me. I will pay for the shipping.

  3. no wonder your house smelled like cleaning products had been used liberally!

  4. Just to let you know, when you come back home, you can use that Mattis Car Wash Coupon, they always take them, even 2004! (I must have been saving for a rainy day lol)
    Great Job! Mom

  5. I have never been so fortunate in getting Meijer to accept expired coupons. I don't even try anymore. Hope you have lots of room to keep all of those stockpiled item!