Move over TLC’s Extreme Couponing…

Its Spring Break this week so instead of preparing for school I get to spend a little more time on my hobbies…that means couponing! Smile

I went to Meijer today and walked out getting all of this FREE! 001

You’re probably thinking, HOW IN THE WORLD?

Here’s how:

1. Meijer had a deal running on Kotex U products. If you buy 4 items you get a $3 coupon on your next order. (your probably thinking – “well you have to pay for those Kotex U products first, right?” WRONG- and ill show you)

2. Collect 4 Kotex U products- I chose the 18 count that were on clearance for $1.03


Use 2- $2.50 off 2 Kotex U coupons


By using these 2 coupons the register actually owes you 64 cents, so you have to throw something else in on your order. I chose TWIX bars (MCVs favorite). Total is now 11cents. I tried this many times and I even told the register lady she needed to price adjust the coupon to $2.06 so Meijer wouldn’t be paying me. She just said nope I don’t need to just add something else to your order. OK I said. I tried! Smile I think I ended up with $33.00 from this deal.

At the end of your order- once you’ve paid (11 cents-  I used a gift card I got free – see below) a $3.00 catalina (printed store coupon) will pop out next to the receipt. Use this to pay for groceries.


So you’ve just MADE $2.89 cents plus you got 4 Kotex products and a Twix bar.

3. I used these $3.00 Catalinas plus a prescription gift card I got free yesterday to pay for the shopping cart full.

How I got the free gift card form the prescription: Meijer frequently will spit out catalinas with your receipt that say $20.00 free when you fill your next prescription at Meijer. They look like this:


I got a prescription for amoxicillin  yesterday and filled it at Meijer. Getting a prescription is the only good part about being sick. Meijer actually will fill amoxicillin FREE (even with out health insurance) so they usually won’t take the coupon for this prescription fill. Except in my case, I told them I would actually like to PAY for my prescription so I could get the $20.00 gift card. Prescription lady Kathy said that shouldn’t be a problem (most times you can bill your insurance to pay for this- it would have cost $7.99). When I came back to pick up my prescription Kathy told me they actually couldn’t charge me for the prescription that the register wouldn’t let her. So I thought – oh well, I guess I’ll just have to save my $20.00 catalina coupon. Nope- because of Meijer’s great customer service (thanks Fred and Lena) Kathy’s boss went to guest services to get me a $20.00 gift card! So I paid nothing for the prescrip. and get a $20 gift card. I Heart Meijer!

4. So today I shopped using coupons and buying things on sale. I focused on these things to maximize my deals

  • Things on sale- never buy unless its on sale AND you have a coupon. Just having one or the other does not constitute as a good deal.
  • Meijer’s 10 for $10, get the 11th item free (deal) Use coupons on all 11 items

So here is my HAUL unpacked.


Fran enjoyed this shop too! She HEARTS plastic bags.


If you are thinking you’d like to try out couponing but have no idea where to start, try these links:

Also feel free to email me questions or leave a post on the blog.

Happy Friday! Smile



  1. OMG how DO you have time for this? I think it's fab, just can't find the time. Maybe I can hire you to do my couponing and shopping, thus making MORE $$ lol :) You're the best Linds. Keep up the GREAT work!

  2. Lindsay! Awesome! This makes me smile. Glad you're having such a good time.

  3. Question: What is catalina?

    Wow, Lindsay, that is inspiring...i need to start focus on saving more money...coupons, plus sale items is a good tip.

    It seems like you probably have to be pretty organized...I find grocery shopping so frustrating, especially with Jack in tow, but if I was saving that much money, maybe I could learn to love it...


  4. Yes, you showed me at Meijer. This is a great blog! You do it so often you got it down!

  5. Oh. Guy. I think you're due for another prescription cause you're SICK! :)

  6. i had an amazing day at meijer too!! i spent $82 and saved 146!! It was great! i also live by not buying anything unless you have a coupon and its on sale!! im jealous that your WHOLE cart was free though!

  7. What on earth is Kotex U? You can tell I haven't gotten out much lately... That food doesn't look healthy - soda and potatoes! Proud of you.

  8. wow. just wow.

    very impressive.

    i can't help but wonder what will become of all of those kotex u... donate them to a shelter? distribute them in the ladies room at school?

    or, I guess there is always the stockpile... you might need a shed. ;)

  9. NICE GOING!! i'm just wondering where you end up putting all this stuff!! my kitchen is not near as big =) but i love couponing!

  10. Impressive! Maybe you can give up teaching and do this full-time?! :) Oh, that's right, you like teaching. :) Keep up the good/crazy couponing work!