National Contest Finalist

A few months ago I had the Seniors for seminar. This is a shorter period of the day. We decided to work on scholarships and team building for the 6 week course.  One activity we did was to create a historical video. We then submitted it to Samsung's contest. They were asking students to make a video on their historical super hero. Some students did Achilles, Amelia Earhart, and Pocohontas. I just got word today that Tabor Priest one of our Seniors is a top ten finalist for the contest- he did his video on Johnny Appleseed! We need to spread the word and vote for him! If he wins- my school, Concord, wins too. Tabor will take home $500 and our school will get a new Samsung SAMCAM 860 (document camera)!    
        Here is a picture of the video. You have to have to click this HERE to watch it. 

Now I need you all to go and VOTE so he can be the WINNER! (you must have facebook to vote, otherwise you can't)

Go Vote then, please copy the below info to your facebook page/blog-
I'll keep you posted on the outcome! We are very excited and proud of Tabor for his achievement!
 Tabor J Priest

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