Parque Verde

Elections for city officials are May 17th. City officials once elected do little for the communities. There may be some corruption occurring… but it is nice when elections are around the corner. Officials tend to create things that are eye catching so the public knows they have done something for the community.

Our local official created the Green Park (Parque Verde). We visited it earlier this week and took some fun photos. It is just next to the McDonald’s and the IKEA- very close to our house.

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144 As we walked the park I asked Marvin Questions and he answered them…

Lindsay: Marvin if you could pick any sculpture, which would be your favorite?

Marvin: I don’t know, that one (then pointed to the closest one)

Lindsay: Marvin which animal do you want your picture next to?

Marvin: None of them, can we go yet, it’s too hot

Lindsay: Marvin stand next to the turtle and act like a turtle

Marvin: Are you kidding me…

Lindsay: Marvin since you wouldn’t act like a turtle will you stand next to the eagle and at least put your arms out

Marvin: (with arms out in front of the eagle) did you take the picture yet

We really did have a great day. I love the park and hope to go back soon. Marvin would probably rather me go by myself. But we do make a great pair and we ultimately are BEST FRIENDS!


  1. Yeah, guys act like this sometimes - but he definitely is your best friend!!! I liked the pictures of both of you by the sculptures, made it more fun! (act like a turtle?)

  2. I like the reference point by McDonalds and ikea, I know right where this is, well sort of! :)