Michigan Trip

A few weeks ago now I was able to visit Michigan. It was a great trip. Well worth all the hassle in the airports.

I accompanied one of my students, Luisa, to her orientation at Norte Dame. We ate at Chick-fil-a and I had my first Diet Coke of the trip.

Lunch with the family. Betsy and I in our coordinating outfits.  Later in the week- Lunch at Olive Garden (soup, salad, and breadsticks please)



Ice-cream when it was basically freezing out… notice the Northfaces.

034 A stop at the Hoogen-hopper household 

A real great sisters’ outing to Becca’s new salon and Wincherstonfieldville… some new GR restaurant.

A visit over to the Geysbeek household. Subway, Wii, and lots of great girl talk

A stop at the VandenToorn household to check out their newest edition, Zay! We also had a great time chatting, trying to get Averie to talk, and going for walks! We are trying to get them to visit next year so if you see them suggest that they come.


A day in Flint- Walk with Grams in the morning, shopping all day in Birch Run with Grams and Mom, dinner at night with the Baker family. It wouldn’t be complete without Uncle Dave and his photos :)

Back to GR for one last night. Shin-dig at 1036! In attendance, Geysbeeks, Hoogs, Verwys fam, Dotsons & Adam, and the newest member Ben.


I had such a wonderful time in Michigan! I am truly blessed by friends and family who welcomed me all week long!  It was too bad Marvin couldn’t join but you all had a great laugh at the blog postings he made during his week of solitude!

Marvin is expected to be home in GR around June 14th.


  1. WOW! you crammed a whole lot of fun into that trip! You guys really are blessed with great family & friends. =)

    It is a bummer that Marvin had to stay in the DR in isolation, but you are right - his posts were entertaining!

  2. I was so glad you got to come home! I really enjoyed our shopping trip with Gma too!