5 oceans

All week we are reviewing in class for final exams which start next week.
Today one of my 9th graders and I had an interesting conversation as she was filling our her review packet...

Student: Mrs. V does it matter which oceans I label?

Mrs. V: What do you mean??? (puzzled look)

Student: Well you said lable 5 but there are 7 on the map

Mrs. V: Which map are you looking at? (puzzled again)

Student: That one (and points to the one on the wall), see 7 oceans.... (she looks for a second) Wait! They have Pacific and Atlantic on their twice...

Mrs. V: Oh Student - don't say things like this out loud it makes me look like a bad teacher

FYI: 5 oceans
  1. Atlantic
  2. Pacific
  3. Indian
  4. Artic
  5. Southern


  1. really?

    the "southern ocean" I am quite certain this is new to me. was this a name-change similar to how Pluto got bumped from the planet list?


    is my memory really THAT bad?

    in all fairness, I haven't had to teach much geography ever. I got to do the fun stuff like math and literature...

  2. I agree, southern is new to me as well.

  3. Southern, really?! Shoot, I'm gonna have to re-educate myself before I'm able to help my kids with their homework someday!

  4. Hehe, I knew there was a Southern Ocean! But it's my job to know these things....

    To coordinate with your story, I had students try to tell me there were only 5 continents: Africa, the Americas, Eurasia, Australia and Antarctica. I have also had to explain that Mexico and Central America are part of North America (its own continent!) and not South America, although really with the language, culture, and history, Mexico and Central America really should be part of South America.

    Apparently geography is not a universal language!