The 3rd wheel

On a fuzzy note...

The fuzz bag has been very affectionate since we returned from vacation.

We recently discovered her favorite foods - other than canned tuna... (in no particular order)
  1. Cheese covering on Cheeto's*
  2. Cookie dough*
  3. Strawberry Yo-plait Yogurt*

* All things she consumed today.

Tonight we were sitting on our bed, Marvin was using the computer and Lindsay was reading. Fran was ready too be petted. Nobody was paying attention to her though so she decided to start crawling all over Lindsay. After repeatedly sticking her butt in Lindsay's face she finally settled down inside Lindsay's arms. We have photo documentation. Fran is the one with the collar on. For whatever reason she has been really pumped up to see us lately. She is getting a little older and maybe a little nicer. Although earlier this week Marvin was rough housing with her and she promptly sprinted across the bed and bit Lindsay directly on the knee only to return to Marvin for more rough housing. Crazy cat.


  1. Ahhhhh Four Legged Traveling Flee Circus!

  2. cats are so stupid.

    but, I am glad y'all love yours.

    I was especially thankful that you pointed out that Fran was the one with the collar on in that last picture... would've taken me for-ev-er to figure it out otherwise.