Cat sitter

Marvin will be coming home June 14th, Lindsay will be right behind him on June 19th. Both plan to be at HHBC on Sunday :) Woohoo!

Return date: ~July 26th

Yes that's right 6 weeks+ in MICHIGAN! Woohoo!

Anyone interested in fran sitting? We have to leave her in the DR! :(


  1. WHOA! I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!

  2. WOW!!! We need to skype soon! And make sure it's not just with Adam...he forgets to tell me things sometimes!

  3. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR... we are leaving MI on June 20.

    I'll try to get over my grief about missing you again.

    I do hope you have a GREAT time visiting, and its a nice long visit so you won't have to cram in quite so much in so few days! Enjoy!