It’s already been a few weeks since we were on vacation… it’s been a busy few weeks here since our visitors left. But I must give this blog some attention :)

Link over to Becca’s blog to see a wonderful narrative of their visit.

When our wonderful visitors agreed to vacation with us this year, the planning was on! We tried to give them as much “island life” as possible in a short weeks vacation.


We started off our vacation by eating at a very ethnic Dominican Restaurant… Burger King, Starbucks…. just to name a few :)

070 210 194 118

We spent a lot of time hanging out!

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We hung out in PAIRS

045 047 066 067 117 116 093 114146135   223 241

We hung out in “QUADS”




Marvin made some weird faces…

079 081 184 175 129 121 105

And we visited amazing places… 

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140  212 193 It was altogether a FABULOUS vacation. It was very hard to let them go home. I tried to talk Adam into being a PE teacher and Becca could work in Pre-School and bring the boys down for a cultural experience… Adam was more about it than Becca~ We know they are needed in GR :)




  1. Don't you even think of taking away any more of our friends! If your home sick then come back here! :)

  2. Apparently Marvin enjoys scaling walls in his free time? Were all the tourist sites closed so you decided to break into them?! Haha :)
    When will you be in MI this summer? I am there from June 30 until July 23....if we can finally get fully caught up with each other I would love to do it face to face!

  3. WAHOO! We made the Verwys blog! We were afraid our vacation was just a dream that we somehow captured photos of. Now you have finally confirmed our trip to see you! :) Glad your busy life has slowed down slightly enough for you to blog again.

  4. thank you for remembering that you have a blog! I had to read about the vacation on Adam & Becca's blog last week because the frisbee video can only be viewed so many times...

    for real, did you break into a bunch of the places you visited? stealthy.

    also, loved, LOVED, the many faces of marvin...

    it looks like you had a great time and I am so glad you were able to plan a great get-away for your friends!

  5. Mom B: Great post. Looks like you had fun, I enjoyed reading about it and recognized some of the locations.