Travels with a CAR

On Friday Marvin and I rented a car.
Saturday we drove around Santo Domingo. Found a cool Wendy's- very American looking, bought some glasses to replace the ones I've broken, and a beach towel that was blown into the sea.
Sunday we drove out of town to Cabarete ( first yellow dot) and then up to Puerto Plata (second yellow dot).

We arrived in Cabaret around 2pm. It's the Kite boarding Capital of the World. We stayed a little apartment for $60 a night. It was right on the beach. We spent the day walking the beach, eating at the restaurants on the beach, taking naps, eating more, then we went to bed around 10. We wanted to get up early to get back to the beach.
Just as we were falling asleep the rain started, and it keep coming, and coming, and coming. Sometime during the middle of the night the power all along the beach went out completely. We woke up around 6am- no power = no fan, no a/c, and the sound of multiple bugs coming out! We got up at 7am and thought what are we going to do. No power, constant rain since 10 last night and no chance of it stopping. So we decided to call the day a bust and head home. And good thing we did it didn't stop raining until sometime around 2pm... and we still don't know if it was clear up in the north.

All in all Cabaret is a wonderful little town. Very American- great food, quality rooms, and a wonderful place to relax. We would have loved to stay longer but the weather was a bother!

Tomorrow we plan to go to the beach. PS: I bought a disposable camera. I'll have to get it developed in the states when we go home for Christmas.

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