Las Terrenas

I think the photo's pretty much speak for themselves. So far I think this is the prettiest place I've been! It is so peaceful and tranquil.

This is a hotel that I'd LOVE to go to when we have visitors! You can check it out here Alisei Hotel Some of the people we went with stayed here for the week. The rooms are BEAUTIFUL and it's right on the Ocean.

 Front enterance

Here is the group of people we went with. I am in the Green and the 2 people sitting down next to me were the ones who invited us. The other 5 people in the back are their friends who are visiting from the states (Miami, FL). This is the hole in the wall we ate at. Great food! Great ambiance! Good price- we all ate for under $100 and we all had - dolphin, it's a type of fish, not the porpous. :) haha

It's a good thing that Luis had a Chevy Tahoa because the roads were total 2 trackers. It reminded me of vacationing in the UP with my family and our van getting stuck and my mom saying all we could do was pray :)

Shoreh took some great pictures of Marvin and I so I will post them when she emails them to me! These photo's were courtesy of Julia


  1. that looks so beautiful. I want to be one of your visitors so I can go there myself...

  2. Any Time! We'd love to have you and your fam. Can't brad get "stationed" here for a few weeks? :)
    They could use some peacekeeping operations here!