411 God

I've been looking online for devotionals. I didn't bring any books with me - luggage and weight issues.  I came across a website that had some very helpful stuff and then one sight that made me question it!...


What if there was a way to have the Bible dropped in your lap every day? Well there is with 411God. We'll call, and you'll get the Bible in your life. Simple. Convenient. Life-changing. It only takes a minute. Find out more & sign up.

Does anyone else see a problem with this?
1. Isn't God always available to us... don't we need to make the effort to come to him?
2. What if my cell phone is out of service? Does God not come that day?
3. What if  I missed the call? No God that day either.
4. I know times are changing but still....what about quite time, prayer time, alone with God. Not in the elevator on the way to work getting your daily 411 call from God...

On a side note- if anyone knows of any great websites that have good devotionals- that include scripture- I'd love it if you sent them my way.
Marvin and I have not been attending that Spanish church anymore. It is very difficult to pay attention and we were not getting anything spiritual out of it. I had one girl who had befriended me and we stay in contact via email but other than that it was almost impossible to get "involved" because of the language barrier. We've also found that it is very "cultural" to go to church on Saturdays- Mass- Roman Catholic society. So, Sunday's are left as a day of family time, friends get together, and lots of hanging out. Whenever we've been invited to hang out with friends or families it's always on a Sunday- so that was a factor as well. So our choice was to go to a Church were we didn't know what was being said or to do our own "fellowshipping" with friends that we've made. Friends have been few and far between here so we take the company when we can get it!!!  Please keep us in prayer though as we try to do our own Bible studies during the week and then make time on Sunday's to do a study together. We were able to Skype our home church a few weeks ago on a Sunday evening and that was fabulous! We are very much looking forward to attending church when we come home in December.


  1. What about the churches that the missionary you know recommended? We will see you soon!!

  2. Linds, that's a bummer about the church, and I totally agree about the cell call. Seriously.

    here is a link to Proverbs 31 ministry's daily devotion ...

    (you probably have to copy & paste it)

    also, you could look for a red-the-Bible-in-a-year schedule and journal from that each day...