December 5th- Daybook

FOR TODAY... from Lindsay's Daybook

Outside my window... crickets, and a hot day. No snow here!

I am thinking... I'm excited to come home at Christmas

I am thankful for... qtips!

I am wearing... plaid shorts and a Boston university t-shirt

I am remembering... we only had 12 students at school on Thursday because of Christmas play rehersal. 

I am going... to the North tomorrow with some friends.

I am currently reading... Flowers for Algernon

I am hoping... tomorrow will be sunny when we go to the beach

On my mind... Final Exams the next two weeks at school

From the living room... comes the sound of the television

Noticing that... I am addicted to Facebook- Cafe World... if you don't know what it is - keep it that way. Stay away... it's to addicting and time consuming!

Pondering these words... Luces means lights

From the kitchen... nothing- silence. I did make pumpkin pie a few days ago- Turned out great!

Around the house...no sign of Christmas- it's sad. But I just don't want to buy decorations for only one season.

One of my favorite things~ our new GRANDE BOX fan! It cost almost $75. However it makes a WORLD of a difference.

From my picture journal...Remembering great times with our Hoogenhoppers! They are so much bigger now ! 

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