Photos from Las Terrenas

We when to Las Terrenas 2 weeks ago... I posted a few photo's before, but here are the rest.

What a beautiful overlook. Many cars were stopping here as we were taking photos... great place to throw your trash right?  Dominican! Golly!

I think this would be a good Christmas photo- If we could sent out cards.

Here is the "restarurant" if you can call it that. Luis' Restaurant was more of a rolling hut. The food was awesome.  The photo above is directly across from the rolling hut. It was our background when we ate.

Here's the food. You choose either fish "dolphin" or chicken.

I know how to make tostones those are the little chip looking things. When you come visit I'll try my "dominican" cooking on you!

This is a photo of the 3 beach we went to that day. It was my favorite. That's MCV walking down the beach.

Miracle- We have not been burned once since living twice as close  to the equator! We are trying our hardest to get tan though. :)

This week we rented a car. We are planning to head NORTH for a few days and try our hand at kite boarding.... well Marvin will, I will watch and try to take photos.

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