Snow Days

I love Christmas break, Winter break, and Spring break…but nothing beats a good ole’ snow day!

Last Thursday we had our first snow day of the season, and with any luck we will get many many more! Smile

Marvin went off to work like normal and Lindsay enjoyed ever minute; she slept in until 10:30 and then played housewife for the day. A delicious dinner awaited when Marvin returned home.

This is my pumpkin from Halloween

2 weeks ago, Boyne City had an “Earlier than the Bird” weekend shopping activity. Participants dressed in their PJ’s and went shopping reciving freebees for being the first 50 in the door. Lindsay took this very literal and must have forgotten for a moment that we were in northern Michigan, population 50!

We were THE EARLIEST bird. The first 4 shops we went to we were the first. Marvin enjoyed a 1/2 price haircut, and Lindsay got free hot chocolate and later won a $25 gift certificate to Alpine Chocolate Haus.

Wearing the homemade PJ’s by Lindsay (pants only were homemade, not the Northface jackets) Smile


All the freebees- 2 mugs, a cup, a coaster, 2 boxes of chocolates, and shampoo samples


Also last week students had a snow coming dance. Marvin and Lindsay chaperoned. Lindsay was excited, Marvin was…not!


Snowcoming King and Queen, and Runner ups



The Chaperones


And just for all to know. Fran is completely potty trained! Smile



  1. I 'cat' stop laughing! hehehe 1. Freebie/Jammie dorks! haha, 2. Snowcoming reminds me of Saved By the Bell Dances, aka like 10 couples! and 3. Fran should absolutely claw your eyes out for posting that photo of her!! hehehe Love it! :)

  2. snowcoming - I am so proud of you all for going and supporting the local businesses and being enthusiastic. I crown you Boyne City Snow Couple.

  3. How fun! I love that you hit up the deals together! And Marvin's PJ pants don't look that tight. :)