Almost free candles

Yesterday I came across a valuable Hallmark coupon. Since we were going to the “big” city (Gaylord) to go shopping I brought a few along.

I think you can print coupon by going to Google and searching for the coupon “image”

hallmark coupon

Marvin and I both went into the Hallmark store. I persuaded Marvin to go by telling him he could buy anything he wanted. His reply, “Oh great, a $10 coupon to a store full of crap”.  It ended up that he didn’t find anything…shocking! We both purchased the 14.5oz Yankee Candles.

Regular Price: $21.00

Sale Price: $13.99

Discount coupon –$10

Total Price: $3.99 plus tax each!


So if you have a snow day like me, tomorrow you can get yourself a cheap candle too! I just got the “schools closed” call about 10 minutes ago; I squealed with delight!  *ts ts ts*


  1. Hallmark has put out a TON of coupons this season! They put $5 ones in numerous magazines. I probably had 8 to use! (had to be separate transactions).Plus, they've put out this $10 one and a few $5 ones that look similar to this. Soooooo fun - unless you are Marvin and think the store is full of crap. :)

  2. Our Hallmark has some adorable nativity sets for kids.