Bunny hill or Black Diamond

Today was our first ski of the season. It was also the first time we’ve skied together.

Both of us have skied before, Lindsay only in Michigan and Marvin out west. So needless to say one of us is much better than the other.

I have never skied with goggles before and I heard it was a must and that I was crazy if I didn’t wear them. So before we hit the slopes we both invested in some goggles. I was very glad I had them, with winds up to 50 miles an hour, they were a necessity.

We started off on an easy hill and I was literally blown up the hill while trying to go down it.

Wipe out count:

Marvin 0

Lindsay 2


We will go back next weekend when night ski opens!


  1. Holla! What's the family discount?!

  2. Tons of skis at the thrift shop here by our house. Lots of gear too.