99 cents?

Went to 2 more Hallmark stores yesterday. Found candles for $10.00 even. Used the $10 coupon only had to pay tax!

I got 4 Yankee Candles yesterday for 99 cents + tax!

~ Andrea are you getting this deal? You love Yankee!


  1. You're going to burn your house down!

  2. wow. Linds, I've missed so many posts.

    1. Your PJ pants look like they turned out great.
    2. What fun shopping you've been doing! You must be so thankful to be in America, the land of deals.
    3. That picture of Fran is absurd.
    4. Have you been skiing at night yet?

    Yeah for the snow days! Enjoy!

  3. I've missed posts too...not sure why, if it got moved down in my list or something.

    Can you come and teach Oliver to use the potty.

    Jack's potty trained now too.

    Can you come teach me how to coupon?