And so this is Christmas…

We travelled to Grand Rapids for Christmas this year to spend time with the Verwys side. We went to Grandma and Grandpa Verwys’ for Christmas Lunch at 1pm. We then headed back to Cherrywood to open presents as a family. 018

It was a short trip and I didn’t take very many photos… I’ve got to get better at that, and blogging too!

Fran’s long lost cousin was the life of the party. She opens her own gifts as well. Good job pu-ph-ph (puff).020

Sunday night we headed back to BC; MCV has to work all week! Here are some of our decorations around the house… the only thing I bought this year were lights- we had a very homemade Christmas this year!

The whole time we were gone Frannie pooed in the toilet! Good Job fuzz bag!

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  1. I love your post! Especially selling the glow lights, the before and after pics! Great. It must be Lindsay's smile that she sticks out in a crowd ! That must have been fun! Glad you got to go to TC!