Family Photos

This summer we had family photos on the beach of Lake Michigan!

Our good friend Jamie Geysbeek took the photos. He is amazing. Head over to his site to check out more of his work. Click here.

These are photos of Marvin’s side of the family. His Mom and Dad. Sister: Betsy.  

Brother: Nate and wife Andrea- their 4 kids… Grace, Rita, Sam, and Ellen. 


  1. Adorable. But then again, I'm partial to both the photographer and the subjects :)

  2. where are the kissing photos? Didn't you think that there were a lot of you and M with the kids?!?!?! He must of changed the color of the pink on the bow to match the shirt.

  3. GREAT photos! wow.

    and also...

    you and Marvin look way too good with the kiddos. just sayin.

  4. We know Jamies parents. . . went to college with his dad and his mom is my best friends sister! Small world! Beautiful pictures. . . .Marvin has a wonderful extended family!

  5. What a Beautiful Family! I love the pictures of all of you!