Happy Wednesday!

Today was “See You at the Pole” Day. A day where people meet around a flag pole and pray for the nation. Our school had a few students show up.


It was also Western Day at school~ Spirit Week – Hannah and Amanda, some of my students.


And to top off a fabulous Wednesday we received a package from a great lady who attends Highland and lives back in GR, she has been a pen pal to us while we lived in DR and has continued the tradition. We appreciate her faithfulness in writing letters and her constant prayer for Me, Marvin and Fran. Today she sent this fabulous package…those of you know have meet “nonny” know that I am in need of a larger edition. This did the trick!



This is my old “nonny” I got her when I was born from my great Aunt LaRu. I love “nonny” and have slept with her every night. But I have outgrown her and she is not useful as a lap blanket.


So here is the new blanket, I’ve named it “nonny on steroids” It was hand made by Jean Porter! What a blessing!



  1. I love nonny on steroids! what a sweet gift!

    any ideas for old nonny?

  2. I always thought Nonny was a person.

    Need update on Marvin's job hunt.