Where to go in May

Becca and Adam will be visiting us in May and we finally found a great spot to stay.

Check it out here!

I did some nice negotiating so we won’t be paying sticker price! :)

Lindsay is  looking forward to:

  • chats with good friends
  • girl time
  • staying up late
  • walks on the beach
  • sleeping in the shade
  • reading by the pool
  • shopping
  • dinners out

Marvin is looking forward to:

  • Man time
  • Defeating Adam in various sporting activities
  • Wii until all hours of the night
  • Speaking English

It is on the same beach that we went to with Betsy and Kari just on the opposite side of the “town”

Here are some photos to remind you and some for Adam and Becca to look forward to.

028 027 040


  1. Hola Lindsay,

    I hope you don't mind me following your blog, I live in DR also and I happen to have a recipe blog. I was looking for new friends in Dominican Rep., and I found you. You have beautiful Pictures. They were very relaxing to see. I have 10 years living here....and what an experience that is. I invite you to my 2 blogs you are more than welcome to visit and follow.



    Un Saludo,

  2. how fun to have even more visitors coming!

    I love that one of the things Marvin is looking forward to is "Speaking English!" makes me chuckle.

  3. Ahhhh! We're soo excited! Glad that you are too! We will do our best to meet your expectations of what you are looking forward to. :)

  4. Oh I am stuggling. I know we are not supposed to be jealous of others but OH MY WORD! I wish sooooo badly we could come too!