I am.... watching Marvin play Mario
I should...be doing something physical
I dream....rarely, I sleep to hard
I want....subway
I know... Jesus loves me.
I don't like…when the power goes out
I hear....racing motor bikes by our window
I fear....being eaten alive by mosquitoes

I search...for teaching jobs for next year
I regret....giving Fran a bath today
I wonder....how baking Rice Krispie Treats on Thursday with 13 9th graders is going to go
I crave....Subway
I remember...snow in Michigan, sort of miss it actually

I need.....air conditioning
I feel....lazy and a little bored

I can....hop on one foot
I can't....hop in the air and click my heals twice
I am happy....to live with my best friend- MCV
I sing....when songs get stuck in my head

I listen...to podcasts, Dave Ramsey, ABC News, NPR
I shop.....at Jumbo, a lame comparison to Target

I eat....pizza tonight, Papa John’s

I love.....getting a good deal, not many to be had here
Happy Tuesday!!!

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  1. the thing is I hardly remember snow either, it was 64 here yesterday and will be today too! :)

  2. Linds, I scored a big fat deal at Target yesterday on cereal oand pop-tarts. I even had coupons and got a $5 giftcard with my purchase. It made me think of you - and when I told Grandma about it, she said, "Now you sound like Lindsay"

    I hope you are encouraged to know that the deals will be here when you get back & that you have encouraged me to go forth & find bargains!

    I hope your parents smuggle a sub from Subway into their carry-ons... it might work

  3. You should know, few people can jump up and click their heals together.

  4. OK - I just jumped up and clicked my heals together, it was a really fast click, if you seen it you probably would say "nooooooo doesn't count"! (i tried)

    Sorry Linds, but Dad and I went to Subway Last Nite!!
    Really! and he got 3 macadamia cookies too!

    Remember not to bake the RKT, you only melt the marshmallows and butter! lol

    Get that electric fly/mosquito swatter out.
    You should post a pic of that.

    Love ya!