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Last week was the Dominican Holiday for Independence. Feb 27!  School had a lot of activities going on including singing the national anthem each day and on Friday we had a lunch for all the students and a special singing performance by the 8th graders.

Crystal & Valentino~ 11th graders


Jace the Jewish Canadian living in the Dominican Republic. Cool kid- 6th grade


Laura 9th- stripped shirt=  fabulous student, behind here Eva 7th grade, crazy and wild but quite fun


Camilo and Yin, Laura in between- 9th graders. This group is my homeroom class- my favorites too :)

At the table- L to R= K-mart, Espinosa, Luise, Federico.  Good Kids… I think they have their books open and are working too… weird and strange occasion, glad I got it on photo!

004 006

Some very patriotic secretaries- Michelle and Pamela on the right- she is coming to Western Michigan next year. I’m sure she will be in GR so you can meet her!


Elementary had to dress in traditional Dominican holiday wear in order to get away from wearing the uniform- I’d say this kid did well.


Some elementary students. Most are unknown students.

013 012

9th graders- Class of 2013.


L to R-ME,Ana, Rosa, Luisa, Codee. Luisa and Rosa are seniors attending US colleges next year, Notre Dame and University of New Orleans respectively. The other two girls are 11th graders and are originally from the states.




Ana and Yin – 9th graders


That’s a wrap. More to come next month when we celebrate something else.

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