It’s a whale of a tale!

Last weekend Marvin and I when on a whale watching tour just off the north coast in Samana. It was an adventure! We drove up early on Saturday morning and decided to take the 1:30 tour. We ate lunch at a little cafe and walked the board walk before the tour. The board walk reminded us a little of Grand Haven.

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We took a tour with Kim on board Victoria II. There were about 75 people on the boat so it wasn’t that crowded. 035 038 039 040 041 034

Once we got to the HOT SPOT we saw whales for about an hour. We encountered a mom here baby which was only a month old and a male escort which is common for female women with children to have.  One of my students when the weekend before us and said they saw them jumping and flipping and all that stuff. We caught them “logging” which means a resting time. They came very close to the boat though.

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We took about 10 videos and this was the one that you could see the most. But I can’t get them to upload. I think it’s the format I’m using. Marvin is going to look at it. If we get it working I’ll post later. :(

On the way back to the harbor I caught some photos along the coast

094  102 103 104  

Then for the Dominican Holiday they started to have a parade- All of a sudden it seemed like. You can never tell if there is a parade going on here because people sit next to the road with their lawn chair and snacks all the time! We got stuck right in the middle of it. It was a little scary because people told us they can get violent. People in masks carry around bags filled with rice and try to hit you with them. It’s said to be good luck if you get hit, but you do get a very large welt! I’d rather have bad luck.


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  1. I cannot believe it is good luck to get hit hard with a bag of rice.

    your pictures are so beautiful! glad you guys are getting to experience so many cool things down there. awesome!

  2. this looks like a lot of fun!!! minus yes the getting hit part :) where are the clowns and candy????

  3. so cool. Thanks for sharing the pics! Next time take your own bag of rice!

  4. Wow, what a great experience for you guys. I'd love to see whales
    love rene