005Marvin in his favorite t-shirt playing Wii with Adam via the internet and talking to him on Skype… oh yeah we live in a 3rd world country ! :)

Marvin is Mario and Adam is  the small little guy in front. They play for hours together.


This week while tutoring… I was given a DIET Coke… not a Coca-Cola Light like they normally have here. My girls I tutor found DIET Coke at a local grocery store. It must have been a mix up in the shipments cause I’ve never seen DIET Coke here. Needless to say, it was my the best tutoring session so far!   003


  1. Boo to Diet Coke - Here Here for Seltzer. Love the shirt too. I should buy another one for him for back up.

  2. what a sweet treat! was it like a little taste of home???

    love all the technology to keep connected!

  3. It's unbelievable how much time the guys played on Friday! I haven't logged that much time on the Wii TOTAL since we've had it! :)
    It is fun that they are able to play together even though they are so far apart.

  4. It is just amazing to me, if I showed this to Gma, she would just shake her head and not understand how this can work! Hey, who won?

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