Here and there

It’s been a long time since we’ve posted. Not a lot has happened. We are patiently waiting for out next group of visitors to arrive- Lindsay’s parents come March 25th, Thursday and stay for over 10 days! It should be a great visit.

Even though we weren’t in America we tried to catch the Super Bowl.

Outback for dinner!


Upstairs- same mall- TGI Friday’s for dessert!  Marvin sporting a new shirt from Zara!


Super Bowl was a bust! We couldn’t watch the commercials cause we are in Spanish speaking land an even though they show American television the commercials are all Spanish local ones. We’ve looked a few up on YouTube here and there.


Next up was Valentine’s weekend! I say weekend cause we rented a car and celebrated all weekend long! It was fun! Dominicans hold Valentine’s day as a BIG holiday here. Everywhere you look hearts, red and white, lovey quotes, etc. KFC, coffee shops, supermarkets, Levi’s jeans stores, all adorn the love hearts.

036My lovey and I spent the weekend eatting out and driving around the city. It was perfectly lovely.

Friday <3

  • Quiznos
  • Olympic Opening ceremony

Saturday <3

  • grocery shopping
  • watch episodes of MadMan
  • Ate at Sapori ‘d Italia- fabulous ritzy place- great for Vday
  • Movie- Up in the Air
  • Day of gifts :) – see below. I was SHOCKED!

Sunday <3

  • Walk in the park- Jardin Botanical
  • Attempt to attend Church #4- no one showed
  • Discovered new airport- military/UN base
  • Dinner at KFC
  • More Olympics

Happy Chinese New Year!  2/14/10

We welcomed in the Year of the Tiger while we were shopping at Jumbo. They had a little parade and such. It was quite a new experience. We have several Asian students that attend school so there was a lot of hype around for the event as well.


  1. It may be a new shirt but I see the old one underneath!!!!!!!!!!

  2. what a fun valentine's day weekend!

  3. i like the vday weekend and gifts!! cute cute!
    Surprised you didn’t hit McDonalds though??? flurry!

  4. WOW, I thought I left my post previously. I love the necklace! Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!
    Looking so forward to our visit. Counting down!!!