El Limon

This past weekend we went with a bunch of teachers from school up to the north coast to El Limon. We took a 3 hour bus ride to a small road side stand and all unpiled to take either a small hike or a horseback ride to this beautiful cascading waterfall. Only a few people chose to swim in the fall, Marvin and I were part of that group :)

Here is the group that went. 15 total, 3 boys.


Taking a horse or walking… 

IMG_0320 IMG_0325

We all had to get off horse and walk down this really crazy set of steps to the waterfall. Once we arrived minus the foliage, it pretty much looked like a large Michigan waterfall. It was fabulous. However the water was MUCH warmer than a Michigan river!

IMG_0334 IMG_0340



Once we got back from the waterfall we had a good Dominican lunch, rice, beans, and chicken, and some coca-cola. After that we drove to a near by beach and swam in the ocean for about an hour before taking the 3 hour drive home. It was a fun experience. I think my family would love visiting here when they come and it’s not to far from where we will be staying either!

In this set of Photos there is one of me by a Cacao tree… I didn’t know chocolate grew on trees. I thought it was more of a plant! The beans are HUGE!

Also the teacher Marvin works for is the one with the gray t-shirt and blue jeans and sun glasses. She is in the first photo- Yola is her nameo.



  1. what fun!

    first of all, you two are still so stinking adorable. seriously.

    second, did you get any of the chocolate beans? what do you have to do to make it edible...

    third, you should totally take the fam out there.

  2. Now that is the type of thing I like to hear about you guys doing.. so cool. My friend today told me that her brother goes to an orphanage in the DR every year.