IKEA has come to the DR!


IKEA opened Feb 17th. We went on Thursday and it was actually pretty organized. The Swedes must be sticking around during the opening. Goodness knows it won’t operate this smoothly when Dominicans get their hands on it .  (I’m only half joking :) )

We went again today however and they had a line to get into the store! It must have been over capacity. Marvin and I, growing in our Dominican ways, did not want to stand in line. So we snuck in the back way, up the down and down the up and in the out. I think we avoid getting questioned because of the way we look. All the Dominicans that were following us all got turned around and sent back to wait in line.

Once inside, we enjoyed a lovely IKEA lunch and later ice cream.  It is just like any other IKEA I’ve ever been to. It reminds me of home :)

Some photos from our first visit. And yes, Marvin is wearing the same shirt he has on in every blog post. GO USA!

IMG_0302 IMG_0304 IMG_0308IMG_0305


  1. Hey did you get good food at the IKEA cafeteria?
    I like the way you zoomed in and out and up and down, sounds like fun.
    I know that Marvin is more fashionable than most, but I like it that he wears the USA tee especially during the Olympics!

  2. yeah!!!! glad to hear it opened!!! did you get a free chair?? it was a chair right?

  3. I agree with your Mom about Marvin and the timeliness of his tee with the olympics =)

    How fun that there is an IKEA there! The closest one here is Atlanta, one of these weekends we need to get up there.

    I absolutely LOVE that you are embracing the culture so you can avoid the lines! Way to go!

  4. yum! I wonder if Good Fish Story sends the food there too, IKEA is one of our chains you know! :)

  5. I LOVE IKEA!!!! So glad there isn't one closer to GR...I'd spend way too much money. We try to make a trip every year or so.

  6. Ooohhh! Ikea! It's been far to long since I've been there. Sister date anyone?

  7. Marv - nice t - did you know your buddy has the same one?

  8. Marv, you can't mix brands even as great ast he D and the US of A. Would you go to a Tigers game and wear a Griffins tshirt?