Here and There photos

I've been posting using "windows live writer" but the photos sometimes don't post. So
you should read Here and There before you look at these photos.

My Valentine!

Valentine's Gifts:
From Marvin - An Anchor necklace from Tiffany's!

One of my 9th grade BOYS comments - "Oh cool an anchor... that's cause you live in the Caribbean right?" Boys, especially 9th grade ones, no nothing about fashion. :)

My gift for Marvin: Coupon book - not as cool as the Tif gift but I think he liked it.

Chinese New Year photos:


  1. PS: obviously the anchor is awesome too! sorry, I should have commented, it goes without saying though!

  2. what sweet gifts you gave each other. Linds, your coupon book turned out great! And Marvin, well done! =)

  3. If the anchor isn't an homage to your life in the Carib. (which is completely logical), than what is it? It's certainly not to commemorate the Flint nautical heritage.

  4. coupon book looks similar to something I saw on tots site... the ribbon was from me wasn't it?????????