Before and after

Our living room need a little update. When Rachel was up a few weekends ago, she preformed a little magic. We stopped at the house for just a quick second before heading back to the hotel and while I was grabbing something from the backroom, she started moving things in the living room around. About 20 minutes into the redecorating, we realized the car was still running! She quickly finished up decorating and my room was turned from a room with furniture into a LIVING room…nice and homey!

I had to add a few sewing projects to complete the make over. It is a far cry from what it used to be…2 chairs and, a left over pillow, and a carpet remnant from our school. I have also added lamps and switched out the coffee table from our recent trip to IKEA (not pictured) I don’t have a before photo just an after!


This is the pillow I made; I love the fabric. It was less than a $1 per yard, which is part of the reason I love it Smile



  1. I love the fabric too, what a great deal! and cute pillow!

  2. Great Job! I love your couch! Good job on the pillow too! :)

  3. Oh man linds!!! I love that pillow and I WANT one!!! If you have left over fabric even to make a scrawny one I would love to buy it from you! (Better yet pay you for making it for me!) What do the lamps look like? Post please! We miss you wonderful people. Love you!