Fran the (cold) Cat

Thousands of you have asked about what happened to Fran (the cat) during our weekend ordeal. Here is the story: Remember when David the 2nd King of Israel was just a Shepard? He used to spend his days guiding sheep to green pastures and leading them beside still waters and slaughtering bears and lions. If he had a sheep or lamb that had the tendency to wander off he would take the little sheep and break its leg off. The idea was that if the lamb didn’t die or convince all the other sheep to headbutt David to death, it would have to stick close its caregiver. David had the right idea I think. When we got home on Sunday, the temperature in the house was nigh on absolute zero. We were 30 seconds from having achieved a scientific impossibility in our very own rental home.

Lindsay wouldn’t even hang around because it was so cold, she took off without her phone and with our only car that would function in that kind of cold. After Lindsay left I searched for Fran but she was nowhere to be found. Eventually she emerged from under the covers of our bed shaking like a leaf. Keep in mind that she already has a fur coat on all the time. If she had enough warm blood to supply the necessary energy to her hind legs she probably would have leapt directly into my arms. I picked her up and felt her paws and they were ice cold. After a while of holding her I set her down but she would hardly let me take two steps before starting to meow and trying to trip me. I spent most of the next hour or so holding her and breathing warmth back into her. We got to cuddle with her the rest of the day and well into the night because our house didn’t get warm until evening.

The moral of the story is that if you want your cat to love you and be really affectionate just turn off the heat for a few days.

Here is a photo of Fran practicing staying warm tonight.



  1. Poor Fernchesca! Where did Linds go? to get individual hand warmers?

  2. Poor Fran! Lucky Lindsay got the car. Marvin you should have taken Fran and went with Lindsay! I should have brought you guys hand warmers when we came up, have a few around here! I liked your post, quite well done Marvin! Glad things are getting back to normal, makes you appreciate heat doesn't it?

  3. The comparison of Boyne and DR is quite drastic!

  4. you sure have a way of making a non-cat person like Fran.

    poor pitiful kitty-cat. I think even I would've had held her for a few hours after that.

    Linds, did you go buy some hot cocoa of something?