what does negative temperatures cause?

A cold day in the neighborhood. The weekend we were at Bay Harbor we had record setting temps. It was –6 on Sunday at noon!

We had left for the weekend and turned down our heat. Well, because our house is a little drafty our pilot light blew out on our furnace. This caused our heat to not turn on and led to our pipes in our radiator freezing!

So it wasn’t as simple as relighting the pilot light and turn on the heat. It took about 5 hours and a plumber on overtime to get it fixed. Then at about 10pm we had a pipe break in our entry way and water from our radiator gushed out everywhere. I’d say about 10 gallons came out pretty quickly.


What had actually happened was our thermal coupler when bad. The plumber came and finally fixed it today.

You’d think in this video I would have stuck a bucket under it or something, but the major damage had already been done in the first 10 seconds and truthfully I didn’t think about it until just now! Smile

I did have to throw out my homemade rice sock air blocker!

Water pouring out of the heater.

…. and that is why we are so thankful we are still renters!


  1. As soon as I started reading this, I thought to myself..."I bet the thermal coupler went bad." Or maybe I didn't.

    Wow. I would have stood there taking a video of the water too... how crazy!

    Glad you don't own that joint, and thankful its all fixed now!

  2. can't believe he didn't make you pay if you guys lowered the heat???