Weekend away

… and I forgot my camera.

Tim and Rachel came up for the weekend and we spent two nights at the Inn at Bay Harbor. It was very relaxing and didn’t cost us an arm and a leg. This hotel is part of Boyne USA (where Marvin works) so we got a sweet deal. We love playing cards and usually focus around the game of ROOK. Tim and Rachel are the only ones who own ROOK cards and so it was their job to bring them… they forgot! And ROOK cards are the hardest to find. They stopped at a few places but no luck. In a last ditch effort they stopped at a dollar store/consignment spot in Kalkaska. They had an OLD box for $2! What a steal!  So if you see ROOK cards anywhere pick them up and I’ll pay ya back!

Other weekend highlights include:

  • eating out for dinners
  • making breakfast around noon
  • staying up late and chatting
  • painting our toe nails (girls only)
  • eating chili at the cook off (boys only)
  • playing ROOK until we dropped!

It was a GREAT weekend and we are looking to many more good weekends in February.

Stay tuned for: Weekend with the Verwys’, Weekend in Chicago, Weekend in Ann Arbor for a Michigan Game, Weekend with the ole’ high school crew (MCV)… and then we will be into March.

…I’ll try to remember my camera!


  1. please do remember your camera...

    sounds like you had a fun time with your pals. I had no idea you were such big ROOK fans. I'll keep my eyes out for a set while I am thrifting.

  2. Don't we have a bunch of rook cards here? That is a silly question to ask you isn't it? I'll look and let you know. Remember Gma & Gpa played with their friends every Friday night?????? That was rook. I'll ask her if she still has her cards, I'm sure she does!
    Nice post, glad you enjoyed Bay Harbor!

  3. I remember my Dad's old uncle Pete playing Rook in our family room when I was little. He would lean back and close his good eye and stare at the cards. . . I think we had ice cream too.