Life in Michigan

Since coming home last saturday life has been a whirlwind. Here's a short recap.

  • Church on Sunday's
  • Sunday evening hang out with our F.L.O.C.K. and other members :)
  • Softball on Monday nights
  • Evening walks
  • Drive to Boyne
  • Dinner with Family
  • Bike ride to Rockford
  • Hang out with friends- many nights
  • Gym Co.
  • Bike around Reed's Lake
  • Chris Tomlin/Toby Mac concert- click here to see photos
  • Visit family in Flint
  • Shopping
  • More walking
  • More shopping
The first 3 days I was in the US I ate at Subway everyday. I've visited Target at least 3 times and I've started couponing again. If I get any great deals I'll post.

Good Outlet shopping deal- Jeans @ Gap for $5.97!


  1. add to list:
    - not skyping with us

  2. wow, you are packing in the fun! I had no idea you liked Subway so much... =) funny!


    I am sure you will have some ridiculous coupon deals to post... I have a Publix here, but I haven't gotten into the deal chasing yet... maybe someday you can teach me =)

  3. So, now that we are back...when are we adding jollof rice and wii at the geysbeek's to the list?

  4. opis night???
    GAP OUTLET DEAL= amazing!! :)