Thank heaven for 7-11!

7/11- free slurpee day! To celebrate our sunday school class went on a slurpee run to our local branch. 7/11s give our 7.11 oz of free slurpee on July 11th (7/11). My choice- Sprite twisted with Wild Cherry!

Other notable events since vacationing in Michigan include:

  • The Twing/Bergakker Wedding.

Congrats to Lee and Becky!


  • Biking to Rockford

Dinner at the Corner Bar- Hotdogs to go and picnic by the water for open mic night

052 054

  • 4th of July celebrations- East Grand Rapids for fireworks

057 Wes fighting off the crime in E. GR!


Red, White and Blue- America we love you! 071

  • Day in Detroit- Go Tigers!

Baker Family Outing!

Tom, Lyla, Marvin & Lindsay

074 075

Michael, Brittan, Arrrrrri and Bethany

 080 076 088


Greeting from Grand Rapids! We love it here!


  1. Oh, thanks for sharing, love the pictures. Tell me do you actually eat hot dogs, I am thinking not!!


  2. FUN!

    Is it really almost mid-July already?

    The pics at tiger stadium almost look fake.. I've never been there...

    also, I love your bike, I need one like that, the basket is awesome!

    also, love the red, white & blue pic! lovely ladies!

  3. We can't believe our flock didn't bring us back any slurpees.
    And Grand Rapids loves having you here. :)