One last note before signing off for the summer….

Tonight I went with a friend to get our nails done- Graduation tomorrow. We tried this new salon “liz salon” in Plaza Central (mall).  I got a mediocre mani and pedi but I thought oh well how much can it be…$450RD/ EACH (that’s $12.50 each) which is A LOT for here. Last time I got mani, pedi, and hair washed and styled for $500RD ($14).  So anyways… after the mediocre mani y pedi I got a 30 minute massage, it was heavenly! Well worth the $500RD.

So let me back up… as I was finishing with my Pedicure I gave the lady my sandals. Instead of putting them on me she tried them on her self- I thought something must have gotten lost in translation but then I repeated my self and I thought she understood. I ended up leaving the room with those throw away flip flops and headed to my massage. After the massage I came down- they were closing- and I asked for my zapatos. They looked at me weird and said where did you leave them.. I said with the pedicure lady. Well the pedicure lady had left and my shoes were no where in sight. We spent about a half hour looking for them (everywhere including a lady’s lunch box). In the end I walked out in the throwaway flip flops and got all services for free… I’m still very disappointed about my shoes.

I’m pretty sure the pedicure lady stole them- she tried them on… that was weird!

(Andrea SIL- I can only image what you would have done if you A) Spoke Spanish and B) Had this happen to you!)



  1. Well were they Coach sandals or something? Please tell me they aren't your brown flips flops that say Juicy.

  2. Aw, that's so sad! What a great story though! What did she think she was doing trying them on? Did she think that was her tip or something?! You'll just have to buy a new pair when you get home :)

    Can't wait to see you!

  3. so many posts to catch up on! wow... I must say, the most astonishing part was the lady taking your sandals! oh that crazy DR!

    I hope you thoroughly enjoy your visit in MI and that God gives you perfect peace & clarity as to what His future plans are for you guys.

    You have had a full year, enjoy this time of rest =)

  4. You should keep blogging in michigan... I'll miss you... hope to see you some while your in the state.