Flying Solo

Marvin went home today… well he hasn’t made it as of yet- He has a layover now in Atlanta that has been delayed longer because of thunderstorms. Also Marvin took the flee bag too! So I’m alone on this little island!


We have had some trouble with Marvin’s flight- he was flying Spirit. You may have heard about the Spirit pilot strike?? We had to get a refund  and then rebook with Delta. It worked out great in the end. We ended up getting a better deal, unlike some passengers that are stranded. Ask Marvin about going to the airport and sneaking into the “authorized personnel area”

I had to drive today - First time since August 2009! (except for my short trip home in April)- it was actually better than expected! I don’t think I will hit anyone, I’m more worried about them hitting me!

I fly home on Saturday- I’m hoping to get an earlier flight because we have our great friends getting married…

Congrats Lee & Becky


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  1. two days. i was telling betsy that i think we need a hangout night. please! :) have a safe trip!