De Regreso a la Cruz

This Thursday- Sunday Morning, John Piper, spoke at a conference in San Souci, Dominican Republic. The conference was FREE, but that wasn’t the best part.

  • We attended Friday, Saturday and Sunday Morning
  • He spoke in English and it was translated to Spanish and Creole- for our Haitian population
  • I took 13 pages of notes
  • Attendance: Over 5,000 (MCV thinks around 10K)


Topics Included:

  • How important is it to get the gospel right?
  • How is God magnified in us when we are satisfied in Him?
  • 10 places to pursue JOY all the time
  • What does LOVE look like and where does it come from?
  • Fighting for JOY


We went with Michelle and Israel who came to us from GR for a short little vacation. They are now traveling the island and will be flying home on Thursday. 001

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