I have to do WHAT?




Check it out…. 27 Charcos!

We went to the 7th level of this enormous water fall today.  It was a super cheep excursion and completely well worth it. No cameras so I have to rely on online photos. You can watch a youtube video at the above website.

We spent about 45 minutes hiking back to the waterfalls and then all of a sudden we were there.

  • We jumped into a pool- natural lake
  • Climbed up a water fall, then kept climbing up that ladder you see and headed back to more falls.
  • swam a little
  • climbed another
  • swam a little more
  • climbed another
  • swam a little more- thought this amazing cavern.

  • almost fell down a fall but stayed the course and climbed one more
  • We congregated in this little lagoon at the 7th level of a super large water fall.
  • Then we began our descent! DOWN, DOWN, DOWN.
    • We dove
    • jumped
    • SLIDE
    • and swooshed
    • down the falls, through cavers, into lagoons and natural pools.

On this fall, when you come back down you SLIDE down it and make a huge splash. Mom bit her tongue on this one, the rest of us escaped unharmed.

It was the coolest thing we have ever done! I can’t believe we never heard of anyone else doing this. We kept saying, “they would never let you do this in the US, you’d have to sign like 27 forms, there would be caution signs and NO DIVING signs everywhere.” Not in the DR though! :)

We had to jump into the fall at the end- it was about a 15 foot jump. Definitely the BIGGEST jump I’ve ever done!

More family adventures to come later!


  1. i love foreign countries!!! america is so lame ... i hate it when they say you can't do this and that, silly lawyers have ruined it for all of us.

  2. wow! you guys are so adventurous!

  3. Dad and I were still talking about this last nite. He said it is the most adventurous thing he has done, except walk through the everglades and this beat that out!

  4. Sign us up!!! You up for it again?!

  5. Ben thought maybe we could talk you into staying down there another year so we could come visit and do this! :)

  6. Adam and Becca definitely have to do this. And, I think Betsy should make another trip too.........