Day 5 of Isolation

I saw Fran walking through my room today. She was walking really gingerly like she wanted to walk without setting her paws down. She scanned the ground like she was trying to avoid stepping on something. She finally gave up and walked out of the room with a really disgusted look on her face. I was really interested to see what she had seen so, a few hours later I pealed myself off my perch on the bed to go get some more Swiss Cake Rolls and potato chips. After I settled back onto my perch and found it exactly how I left it, (really, my form had molded into the mattress) I realized that Lindsay asked me to change the sheets last Saturday when she left. So I set myself upon the monumental task of changing the sheets. Over the course of my duties it became more and more evident that my surroundings had become less and less sanitary. My pillowcase looked like I had used it for a gunnysack race. The sheets were all matted and nappy. My half of the bed (I’ve been occupying half and using the other half as kind of an office. Our bed is huge so it allows for a nice sized office) was decidedly more beige in color than the side Lindsay occupies when she is home. After a few trips to the washing machine, I began to realize that aside from having become a Hazardous Material sight, my room had taken on something of an odor. Earthy but unpleasant. Finally, I placed it. Remember going to the zoo as a child? I always hated the reptile exhibit, partly because snakes are untrustworthy but mostly because of the smell. The unmistakable smell of molting and shedding. That was the smell in my room. It has just been the two of us (Fran and I) but together we have worked up quite a stink. I swept and cleaned up a little and the smell improved a bit. I will have to ask Lindsay when she comes home if 45 minutes is a reasonable amount of time to spend sheathing a pillow. I was going to do both pillows but 45 minutes is too long to in my opinion, she can do hers when she gets here.


Also, Fran has proven to be quite the provider. In the absence of meals of any kind she has taken it upon herself to hunt for fresh meat.  After alternating between pouncing on and then letting escape a gecko, she graciously presented me with its dead corpse which she laid on the threshold of the bedroom. I politely declined because truth be told, it was really small. It was almost a baby, but she was quite proud.

Tonight I made myself the first dinner I have had since Lindsay has been gone. I made baked potato on the cob. It is very much just a baked potato. It was kind of hard but I figured it out. First, I had to wrap the potato in aluminum foil. That part was pretty easy, it was like wrapping a Christmas present (which I am told is fairly straightforward). Next I had to turn the oven on. After I did that and placed the potato in the oven I waited for a few minutes and then checked out the progress. There wasn’t much but I didn’t feel like waiting 7 minutes just for a warmed up potato so I indulged. I’ve had better, but I felt good about it because I made it all by myself.


  1. Jacob wants to know what you're drinking when you post.
    I'm laugh crying reading them

  2. I like Lindsay's posts, but yours are ridiculously entertaining!
    Obviously man should not be left alone for too long though. Good job on remwmbering to change the sheets. :) BW

  3. Marvin, you are hilarious. I love the office space on the bed idea!

    The zoo smell, though, I hope Linds doesn't have to confirm that =)

  4. Marvin, In one week you have actually turned the place into a bachelor pad! Good job on gettin those sheets changed. (Can you buy Febreeze in DR?)

  5. You only cooked the potato for 7 minutes... lovey... It takes at least 45!

    And my pillow better be sheathed when I get home- or else! :) See ya tomorrow

  6. marv, stink up the place!! pretend you are at the lake and just wear the same board shorts the whole time lindsay is away.