Gone Granola

For the past 2 weeks I've been attending a couponing class with another friend. The class meets at a ladies house and usually involves a short devotional. There are about 15 women that attend, both new to couponing and old pros (like myself). Usually there is a semi organized discussion of the night and then we get around in a circle and look at all the extra coupons people bring to share. I equate this time to lions eating after a long hunt, and there is never enough to go around. I feel like I have found my place in life. I came home after the first night and told marvin that I found a lot of people just like me! Organized, frantic about deals, and very bossy! It's fabulous! :)

Last week our main discussion hovered around homemade products to save money. Our leader made homemade granola. It was very good! I got one of the few recipes that lay in the feeding pile at the end!



  1. I dont know, seems like making granola should be prioritized behind finding and cutting MORE coupons. I do like the lion analogy though, you people (couponers) are nuts sometimes. Now if only there were more stores to rip off up there!

  2. Oh, you're funny! I'm a bit crazy about coupons and deals sometimes. Not sure if I would thrive in a group like this though! I'm not bossy or outspoken enough usually! Glad your fitting in up there - I mean, I guess....Although I'd rather have you living across the street from me :)

  3. You are a first born leader! I made granola, I liked it, problem is I was the only one, and I ate it all. The recipe called for cranberries.

    Let me know when you start making soap! :)

  4. I need some one-on-one coupon tutoring!

    This reminds me of the time we were garage-sailing by Grandma's house and the lady had all her couponing-items for sale... and she wasn't the least bit excited to find out that you were also a couponer. Do you remember that? She's probably NOT the kind of ladies in this group that you go to, right?

    Post the granola recipe sometime. I'd love to try and make it!

  5. This is funny. Deep down I really don't want to coupon, I just want Nordstroms. But I get there by couponing - it is a cycle.

  6. I have never thought of you as bossy.
    But way to come around to homemade granola - welcome to our world.