No photos…

Don’t worry, I still have my camera. Last time I make a post title like this, I had just gotten my purse stolen! I just have some words to update and no photos…I’ll try to get some up next post!

New with Lindsay:

  • Making progress on the 9th grade Washington D.C. trip- suggestions on fundraising?
  • 9th graders had entered a scarecrow contest in Boyne City. We got 3rd place!
  • I’m doing a Beth Moore bible study at our church WLCC

New with Marvin:

  • He got a new job and it is going great! He is the working in Sales at the water park at Avalanche Bay
  • He bought us another car- 2004 Impala- white, it’s an old copper car (but the siren and bar dividers have been removed) Luckily!
  • He has removed 3 rings on Fran’s Citty-Kitty!
  • Tonight is the last night of his sailing team for the winter

New with both of us:

  • We joined the spa/gym where Marvin works- Lindsay likes the free apples, Marvin rides the recumbent bike
  • We are attending a constitution class on Monday nights
  • We hiked to the top of Avalanche Mt. I do have photos I’ll upload soon! It was beautiful. A must for any visitor to see!

We have been so blessed these last few months. We are so thankful to be back in the US, living in “God’s Country”! We will be in GR during Halloween weekend to attend the wedding of Jason and Courtney (soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Kingma)!



  1. Fun Funds or candy sales from your local GFS Marketplace! :)

  2. How was that mountain hike? did you have to rest on the way? I'm so happy Marvin got to sail this year! I imagine he love it!

  3. Also, Treaties for sweeties (Halloween and Valentines), Pancake Breakfast, Spaghetti dinner, Apple pies (make, bake, sell), hat day. I'm a fundraising queen! T shirts! (Meet your match!)

  4. Yeah! A blog update! Wahoo! My week is now complete and happy!
    Betsy has given you plenty of ideas for fundraisers, so I'll refrain.
    But I want to hear more about Constitution class...??? What?
    Miss you. I was just thinking the other day about how I wish someone would be excited about grocery outlets like you....I haven't gone since we went together!

  5. You didn't answer Constitution Class question. Is this because you two secretly became transported american - dominican citizens and now you have to apply to be a U.S. citizen and start all over and go to clasess? Come clean tell us!!!