It Happened!

S-N-O-W! Just after seminar around 2pm, my school window is beaten with this white stuff!


It hasn’t stuck but our first snow was officially October 21, 2010!  And I’ve heard it doesn’t stop til May!  What have we gotten ourselves into?

2 weeks ago when it wasn’t SNNNNOOOOWing, we took a little high up avalanche mountain.

View from the bottom


Half way up, over 400 stairs!


View from the TOP!

016 017  019 

Hiking around up top. They have disc golf, mountain biking trails, etc.  021 022 

Our town also had a scare crow contest and my 9th grade class created a Ginger Bread Scarecrow!

2 of my 9th graders trying out the costumes!


We had a Cross built to hold up the scarecrow. My Jacob thought it was a large sword for slaying!


Out on the corner of Main and Lake St.

They even created a ginger bread  man house.

012 013 

There were over 33 scarecrows around town. 

9th grade at Concord Academy took  took 3rd place!  


  1. I am so proud of the photos that I am almost overwhelmed! I love the hike, so pretty. And snow??? WhAt ON EartH!

  2. I love your post! Regarding the snow thing, I think you traded for a very beautiful place in northern MI. Look at that view from the mountain. And, it is practically in your back yard. Think back of the views you had at your place in DR, no, no, no comparison. You certainly are getting God's blessings and I hope you are thankful every single day. You two are so fortunate! Everything is falling into place, but not by accident. You are following the Lord and he is blessing you!
    I love you guys!

  3. The scarecrow is great! What a fun project. I'm thinking I should make one for my front porch! Maybe I will just let dad sit out there with some straw stuck in his sweatshirt, tucked in his pants! HA!!!!!! I can picture it now!

  4. snow? I don't know of such a thing, what exactly is it? Maybe you could send me some one day? ;)

  5. Snow in October. Ewwww.
    The view from the top of your hike. Gorgeous!

  6. so totally cannot believe the snow.

    right now: every window in our house is open and it is SO hot that I sort of want to turn the AC on for a bit.

    but, what a gorgeous view from that hike. wow!

    thanks for all the pics, what a clever idea to do a gingerbread scarecrow. good thinking!

  7. Sooo not ready for snow! I can't even think about it.

  8. BRRRRRR!!! I can't believe winter is so close! =/ Your students look adorable! You write like you are proud of them, which is so sweet!

    God has provided such a beautiful place for you to enjoy together!!

    Can't wait to come visit!

  9. Lindsay wrote this on behalf of Mom V.