Vistors from all around...

...come to see MOSES! 
We have been blessed by the number of people who have travelled the snowy Michigan roads to meet Moses. Here is a little tribute to their love. 

1st visitor- My mom holds her first grand child. 
Grandma Baker

Hospital Visitors~ 

Amy Van Horn

Jenn Hoogendyk & Aunt Betsy Verwys drive up from GR at a moments notice. 

Amy Hasty & son Noah (another good biblical name)

Jamie Woodall - and his family visit. 

Hilary Manthei and her family

Children of all ages. (Mantheis and Woodalls)

Visitors who drove north from Grand Rapids: 

Great Grandma Grace

Grandpa Verwys

Good friends Hannah & Scott DeClark   

Grandma Verwys welcomes grandchild number 6! 

 Home visitors: 

Will Manthei

Grandpa Baker welcomes his first grandchild. 

Aunt Brittan's first nephew- babysat Moses for 2 days! 

When our friend Abraham heard what we named our son he said, "From one good biblical name to another...Congrats"

Probably the kids who have held baby Moses the most...

Koehn & Anika... I think Moses is happy when they visit.  

Moses goes to breakfast to visit Great-Aunt Sherry & Uncle Bill @ Robert's Restaurant.  

Others who have visited but I didn't get photos...
Sarah Shraw, Becky Miller, Susie Detcher, Diemers, Vicki Farrell, Hamiltons, Kohlers, and other's I'm sure I am forgetting. Please forgive the post-pregnancy brain. 

Have you visited yet? Please stop over!